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All our kittens leave:
- At the age of 10 to 12 weeks (so that their socialization is complete).
- Primary vaccines Herpes virosis, Calicivirosis (the 2 vectors responsible for Coryza), Typhus Leucosis + the booster
- Vaccinated for rabies (for kittens going abroad) at 12 weeks. Very important if the kitten goes to live abroad or if you plan to participate in an exhibition outside of France
- Dewormed every month until the date of their departure
- Flea treaties
- Identified by microchip, they have their identification card
If you book it early enough, you will receive photos regularly by email until its 3 months so that you can see it evolve.
- With a certificate of good health drawn up by our veterinarian
- With their pedigree if it is already in our possession, if not with the copy of that of the parents as well as the number
provisional registration to LOOF (if we have received it). The kitten's pedigree will be sent upon receipt. We don't
we only sell kittens registered in the Official Book of Feline Origins.
- With copies of the IVF, FELV, HCM and PKD tests of parents or and ancestors, as well as ultrasounds.
- With a certificate of sale
In order to adapt perfectly to humans, we handle the kittens regularly and familiarize them with the
noises from the house (cries of a child, vacuum cleaner, television, etc.) as well as with grooming tools (which is not easy!
Conditions for booking a kitten:
1- Completed and signed reservation form
2- Deposit * to be paid (amount to be determined together)
* The deposit is not returned in case of withdrawal.
* Payment facilities are possible (payment by check, credit card. Or transfer)
Our kittens are sold at the price of:
-950 € for company ONLY not sterilized (but a deposit check of 400 € will be requested and returned in exchange for the certificate of sterilization carried out during the sixth month)
- Free breeding € 1,500 whole (very few kittens leave for breeding!)

The kitten remains the property of the breeder until full payment of the kitten.
We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a kitten if the future development of our little protégé does not suit us.
As we get attached to all the Loulous who are born with us, we love to hear from them.
and receive photos from time to time.

Terms of sales